• Volume 5
  • Released: July 11, 2018

Publisher: Marvel

  • Writer: Nick Spencer
  • Artist: Ryan Ottley
  • Inker: Cliff Rathburn
  • Color Artist: Laura Martin
  • Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna
Spider-Man 1 Coimc Book Review

Amazing Spider-Man 1 is set in New York City where one of the main villains from his past is now the mayor. The main plot in this comic book issue centers on the villains attempt to discredit Spider-Man, ruin his reputation and destroy his personal life.

Spider-Man 1 Coimc Book Review

After he is publicly humiliated, Spider-Man seeks the comfort and support of those he is closest with, Mary Jane and Aunt May. The reception he receives from both Mary Jane and Aunt May is not what he was hoping for. In spite of the accusations against him, he knows his true accomplishments and larger than life engagements with the Avengers and finds the tenacity to continue on.

Spider-Man 1 Coimc Book Review

The artwork in Spider-Man 1 is very well done. There is a two-page spread that exemplifies Ryan Ottley’s ability to draw a variety of first-string marvel characters as well as the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. The panels are arranged in random vertical and horizontal sizes and work well in this first issue. From the randomness of the panel sizes, to the spacing of the flashback scenes, the overall structure of the 46-page comic book flows very well.

Spider-Man 1 Coimc Book Review

Without any dialog captions or balloons, it would be a little hard to follow the story at times. There are quite a few flashback scenes in this comic book, both from Spider-Man and the villain he is facing. Absent any dialog these scenes would cause breaks in the story. Fortunately, there is plenty of excellent dialog written by Nick Spencer, that ties the beautiful artwork together at a good pace. The writing consists of a good mix of Spidey’s humor while capturing the tough moments he is going through.

The Verdict:
Amazing Spider-Man #1 Back to Basics Part 1 Comic Book Review

Spidey’s relaunch is off to a great start, this first issue establishes the new challenges the web slinger will face in the coming issues. The creative team behind Spider-Man’s new run are well positioned to make this a success and keep readers entertained.

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