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Over the years there have been many Marvel crossovers. When these events happen, fans take notice and their opinions help to enshrine them as an event worth reading or not.

Crossovers range from vast cosmic events engulfing the whole Marvel Universe to small scale guest appearances as the superheros form new and larger teams,

The best Marvel crossover events usually start in one comic book and then cascade to affect events in other comic book runs while transitioning between issues of different heros and teams.

Crossovers are not limited to Marvel alone. DC Universe also has their own lengthy list of crossovers.

In the past there has been a few MarvelDC crossover events as well.


The last MarvelDC crossover called DC versus Marvel Comics / Marvel Comics versus DC happened back in 1996.

There have been recent murmurings for a new DC-Marvel crossover 2020 match-up with the 25th anniversary fast approaching.

A DCMarvel crossover 2020 event is unlikely, however Marvel crossovers with other companies do happen.

While we all wait to see if a MarvelDC crossover may be in the works for 2021, the Marvel crossover series on this list are limited to the Marvel Universe only.



Below you will find 17 of the best Marvel crossovers and events:

17) X-Cutioner’s Song (1992)

Stryfe strikes! First, Cable dives headfirst into his own explosive limited series as secrets from his past are revealed! Then, when Professor X is attacked – and Cable is the prime suspect – X-Factor and the X-Men hunt down X-Force! Mr. Sinister, the Horsemen of Apocalypse and the Mutant Liberation Front are all embroiled in the epic confl ict, as Cable’s archenemy Stryfe orchestrates his vengeance on the world! Can the combined X-teams rescue Cyclops and Jean Grey? Will Apocalypse save Professor X’s life? And what is the shocking connection between Stryfe and Cable? In the battle’s aftermath, X-Force must decide their own fate. It’s time for new costumes, new purpose…and a new direction!

COLLECTING: VOL. 2: CABLE: BLOOD & METAL 1-2, UNCANNY X-MEN (1981) 294-296, X-FACTOR (1986) 84-86, X-MEN (1991) 14-16, X-FORCE (1991) 16-19, STRYFE’S STRIKE FILE 1, NEW WARRIORS (1990) 31


16) The X-Tinction Agenda (1990)

The biggest and best adventures of Marvel’s mighty mutants – these are the X-Men Milestones! The X-Men, New Mutants and X-Factor are targeted for X-Tinction! To rescue a friend, the X-Men must invade the mutant-enslaving island nation of Genosha – but the Genoshans’ memories are long, and their revenge will be terrifying! As the Magistrates strike, X-Factor and the New Mutants are drawn into the conflict…and soon discover old foe Cameron Hodge powered up and pulling the strings! The three X-teams are kidnapped, brainwashed, stripped of their powers, forced into combat – and at least one among them will die! Can the powerless X-Men triumph over the military might of an entire nation? And
when the dust settles on this classic crossover, will the X-universe be changed forever?

COLLECTING: UNCANNY X-MEN (1981) 235-238, 270-272; NEW MUTANTS (1983) 95-97; X-FACTOR (1986) 60-62


15) Original Sin (2014)

Who shot the Watcher? Uatu, the mysterious space-god who’s been watching mankind from the moon for as long as we can remember…is dead. Thus begins the greatest murder mystery in Marvel history! As Nick Fury leads the heroes of the Marvel Universe in an investigati on, other forces are marshaling and other questi ons are arising. Why is Black Panther gathering a secret team of his own, including Emma Frost, the Punisher and Dr. Strange? Who is the Unseen? What was stolen from the Watcher’s lair? Fury’s cosmic manhunt leads to the far corners of the universe and beyond, but just when the Avengers think they’ve cornered their murderer…everything explodes, unleashing the Marvel Universe’s greatest secrets and rocking the heroes to their core! What did the Watcher see? What was the Original Sin?

COLLECTING: Point One 1 (Watcher story), Original Sin 0-8, Original Sins 1-5, Original Sin Annual 1, Original Sin: Secret Avengers Infinite Comic 1-2


14) Onslaught Saga (1996)

The biggest and best adventures of Marvel’s mighty mutants – these are the X-Men Milestones! And this event rocked not only the X-titles, but the entire Marvel Universe! For months, the force of nature known only as Onslaught has struck from the shadows – but when the X-Men discover Onslaught’s startling true identity, the villain’s plan kicks into high gear! Determined to punish mankind for a litany of sins, Onslaught laid siege to the X-Men, Avengers, Fantastic Four and more – kicking off a cataclysmic conflict destined to deprive a world of its most revered icons! Earth’s greatest heroes face their ultimate enemy in an explosive saga that transformed the Marvel Universe!

COLLECTING: Uncanny X-Men (1981) 333-337, X-Men (1991) 53-57, Onslaught: X-Men (1996), Onslaught: Marvel Universe (1996), Onslaught: Epilogue (1996), Avengers (1963) 401, Fantastic Four (1961) 415, Wolverine (1988) 104, Cable (1993) 35


13) Fear Itself (2011)

The event of 2011 where Matt Fraction and Stuart Immonen rocked the Marvel Universe like it hasn’t been rocked since Civil War! As Odin and the Asgardians leave the Earth to fend for itself, the Avengers and the world’s remaining heroes battle the unstoppable tide of terror! And then – the Serpent’s Hammers fall! Who shall rise up and join the Serpent as the Worthy, living avatars of his evil? And how can the Avengers respond…to fear itself?

Collects Fear Itself: Book of the Skull & Fear Itself 1-7


12) X-Men: Second Coming (2010)

The biggest and best adventures of Marvel’s mighty mutants – these are the X-Men Milestones! Mutants have never had it worse. The mutant population is down to a mere 181. In the last year, only one mutant has been born – the girl called Hope, believed to be the “Mutant Messiah” who will reignite the species. Hope was raised in the future by Cable, and now the two have returned! But the Human League is bent on eradicating Earth’s final mutants – and they see Hope’s death as the final nail in the coffin. As Bastion and his allies unleash a merciless all-out assault on the X-Men, everything rests on Hope’s shoulders. Will this be mutantkind’s end?

COLLECTING: SECOND COMING: PREPARE (2009), SECOND COMING (2010) 1-2, UNCANNY X-MEN (1981) 523-525, NEW MUTANTS (2009) 12-14, X-MEN LEGACY (2008) 235-237, X-FORCE (2008) 26-28



11) X-Men: Messiah Complex (2007)

The biggest and best adventures of Marvel’s mighty mutants – these are the X-Men Milestones! With no more mutants being born, the future of Homo superior has never looked bleaker. At the seeming end of their evolutionary cycle, a miracle arrives – in the form of the first child born with the X-gene since the tragic events of M-Day! But this sudden source of hope spawns a bloody, violent – and tragic – conflict for control over the baby girl’s fate. It is a battle in which every mutant on the planet has a stake. The fight is on! Messiah Complex mines the rich tapestry of X-Men history for a dizzying thrill ride of suspense that sets a new course for the future of mutantkind!

COLLECTING: X-MEN: MESSIAH COMPLEX ONE-SHOT (2007), UNCANNY X-MEN (1981) 492-494, X-MEN (1991) 205-207, NEW X-MEN (2004) 44-46, X-FACTOR (2005) 25-27


10) Siege (2010)

Norman Osborn has one obstacle left between him and world domination…Asgard! Will he take control and become all-powerful? Can the Marvel heroes trust each other long enough to stop him? What will be left when the dust settles?

Collects Siege (2010) #1-4 & Siege: Cabal


9) Avengers Disassembled (2004)

The powerhouse team of Brian Michael Bendis and David Finch take on Earth’s Mightest Heroes! It begins with the return of a team member thought dead – and by the time it’s over, everything you know about the Avengers will have changed! The event that rocked the entirety of the Marvel Universe and set the stage for New Avengers is presented here for the first time as a deluxe, oversize hardcover with all-new extras!

Collects Avengers #500-503 and Avengers Finale


8) Infinity (2013)

To save the world from ever-greater dangers, the Avengers got bigger. Yet when the oldest race in the universe marks Earth for destruction, it’s time for Captain America to think grander still. As the most powerful Avengers team ever assembled heads into space to join an intergalactic alliance against the ancient Builders, an old enemy deems their home unprotected. Thanos, the Mad Titan, unleashes his forces on Earth in the latest chapter of his endless quest for death. But even a world without Avengers has its defenders. Among them, the secret cabal of history-shapers known as the Illuminati – a group riven with internal confl ict already confronting another planet-ending crisis. As Earth’s Mightiest Heroes wage war on multiple fronts, their battle for Infinity threatens to descend into Inhumanity.



7) Avengers VS X-Men (2012)

The Avengers and the X-Men — the two most popular super-hero teams in history — go to war! And in AVX: Vs., experience the larger-than-life battles too big for any other comic to contain! Iron Man vs. Magneto! Spider-Man vs. Colossus! Captain America vs. Gambit! And more!

Collects Avengers Vs X-Men #0-12, AVX: Vs #1-6, Infinite Comics #1, #6 & #10


6) Spider-Verse (2014)

When the evil Inheritors begin exterminating spider-characters throughout the Multiverse, every single Spider-Man ever is needed to save the day! An interdimensional Spider-Army gathers to fight Morlun and his deadly family, but none of them is safe as the Prophecy comes to fruition! What will this brutal war for survival mean for Peter Parker and the rest of the spiders? Starring the Superior Spider-Man, the Ultimate Universe’s Miles Morales and Jessica Drew, Spider-Man 2099, Spider-Woman, Silk, Kaine, Scarlet Spider, MC2’s Spider-Girl, Spider-Man Noir, Spider-Man 1602, Spider-Ham, Spider-Monkey, Lady Spider, Spider-Punk, Spider-UK, a spider-powered Gwen Stacy…and hundreds more, from the beloved to the obscure!

Collecting: AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (2014) #7-15, SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #32-33, SPIDER-VERSE #1-2, SPIDER-VERSE TEAM-UP #1-3, SCARLET SPIDERS #1-3, SPIDER-WOMAN (2014) #1-4, SPIDER-MAN 2099 (2014) #6-8 and material from FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2014 (GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY) #1


5) Secret Invasion (2008)

The shape-shifting Skrulls have been infiltrating the Earth for years, replacing many of Marvel’s heroes with impostors, setting the stage for an all-out invasion.

Collects Secret Invasion (2008) #1-8


4) World War Hulk (2007)

Hulk versus the world, in an epic story of anger unbound! Exiled by his so-called friends, the Hulk has raged, bled and conquered on the alien planet Sakaar. Now, he returns to Earth to wreak terrible vengeance on Iron Man, Mr. Fantastic, Doctor Strange and Black Bolt -and anyone else who gets in the way! Madder than ever, stronger than ever, and accompanied by his monstrous Warbound allies, this time the Hulk may just tear this stupid planet in half!



3) House of M (2005)

The Marvel event of the decade is here! The Avengers and the X-Men are faced with a common foe that becomes their greatest threat: Wanda Maximoff! The Scarlet Witch is out of control, and the fate of the entire world is in her hands. Will Magneto help his daughter or use her powers to his own benefit? Starring the Astonishing X-Men and the New Avengers! You know how sometimes you hear the phrase: and nothing will ever be the same again? Well, this time believe it, buster! Nothing will ever be the same again!

Collects House of M #1-8


2) Secret Wars (1984)

Drawn from Earth across the stars, the Marvel Universe’s greatest villains and heroes are set against one another by the mysterious and unbelievably powerful Beyonder, with the winner promised the ultimate prize. But as battle lines are drawn, new alliances forged and old enemies clash, one among them is not willing to settle for anything less than godhood. Can even the combined might of the Avengers, Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four and the X-Men prevent Dr. Doom from becoming the most powerful being in the universe?



1) The Infinity Gauntlet (1991)

Death has released Thanos from her cold embrace, and he plans to repay her by murdering half the universe! But even as the Mad Titan gathers the six Infinity Gems from across the galaxy, assembling them into the Infinity Gauntlet and gaining truly godlike powers, a host of heroes gather to oppose him – including the Silver Surfer, Adam Warlock, Gamora, Drax the Destroyer, Doctor Strange and the Hulk! Even with Doctor Doom, Galactus and the universe’s cosmic powers aiding them, can Marvel’s mightiest possibly prevail against Thanos the all-powerful? The fan-favorite cosmic event is collected in its entirety!

COLLECTING: SILVER SURFER (1987) 34-38, 40, 44-60; THANOS QUEST (1990) 1-2; INFINITY GAUNTLET 1-6; CLOAK & DAGGER (1988) 18; SPIDER-MAN (1990) 17; INCREDIBLE HULK (1968) 383-385; DOCTOR STRANGE, SORCERER SUPREME (1988) 31-36; QUASAR (1989) 26-27; SLEEPWALKER (1991) 7


17 Best Marvel Crossovers and Events?

What are your thoughts on some the most popular and best selling Marvel crossovers? Do you think the current X of Swords crossover event will become a fan favorite?

If you are interested in reading the current X-Men X of Swords crossover event be sure to check out my X of Swords Reading Order: The Ultimate Guide.

If you enjoyed this list of popular Marvel Crossovers, please share or comment below.

Happy Reading!

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X of Swords Reading Order: The Ultimate Guide Mon, 14 Sep 2020 01:38:02 +0000 The post X of Swords Reading Order: The Ultimate Guide appeared first on


This week marks the arrival of the highly anticipated Marvel X-Men X of Swords crossover event! Below you will find the X of Swords reading order and links where you can mail order all the issues from my recommended affiliates.

In case you are brand new to the X-Men franchise or have just been absent from it for many years, there is some essential reading I recommend prior to starting the path to X of Swords reading order.

X of Swords Essential Reading (Part I):

  • House of X & Powers of X


House of X & Powers of X are two highly rated runs created by Jonathan Hickman and have set the new foundation for Marvel and the X-Men.

Having concluded in 2019 and spanning 6 issues respectively, all 12 issues are now collected in hardcover, paperback, and digital comiXology formats.

After getting up to speed with House of X and Powers of X there are additional separate issues I would consider essential before embarking on the path to X of Swords.

X of Swords Essential Reading (Part II):

  • X-Men #2


  • Excalibur #9


Collectively, these two issues (X-Men #2 & Excalibur #9) further the canon established in House of X and Powers of X. For example you will learn more of the backstory surrounding the other mutant island Arakko and witness the true starting point in the build-up towards X of Swords.

This is intended to get you up to speed quickly in order to fully enjoy the X of Swords Marvel crossover event. For example, you can dig even deeper into the storylines by delving into the Dawn of X reading order issues.

Throughout the Marvel Universe one thing is certain. There is a massive black energy heading towards earth and X of Swords Creation will be the unveiling of it.

As the story progresses it should provide more details on the re-imagined character Apocalypse and the realms of Excalibur.

The event will be broken up over three months starting the week of September 14th!

The X-Men X of Swords reading order will arrive in the following waves:


  • Excalibur #12 XoS
  • X-Men #12 EMP XOS
  • X of Swords Creation #1 XoS
  • X-factor #4 Xos


  • Wolverine #6 Xos
  • X-force #13 Xos
  • Marauders #13 Xos
  • Hellions #5 Xos
  • New Mutants #13 Xos
  • Cable #5 Xos
  • Excalibur #13 Xos
  • X-Men #13 Xos
  • X of Swords Stasis #1


  • X-Men #14 Xos
  • Marauders #14 Xos
  • Marauders #15 Xos
  • Excalibur #14 Xos
  • Wolverine #7 Xos
  • X-force #14 Xos
  • Hellions #6 Xos
  • Cable #6 Xos
  • Excalibur #15 Xos
  • X-Men #15 Xos
  • X of Swords Destruction #1

X of Swords Reading Order:


1 (Prelude)

2 (Prelude)























At 24 issues this is no doubt a lengthly crossover event. Cost-wise if you are going to purchase each individual floppy as they are released, plan to spend a little more than a $100 over the next three months.

If you can hold out until the end of the November then a very nice hardcover edition of X of Swords will be available for $60 with free shipping on Amazon on Tuesday November, 24th.


I will be reviewing each individual floppy starting later this month as I receive them from my affiliate Things From Another World. Keep an eye out for my ongoing X of Swords reviews and watch out for spoilers if you are waiting on the collected edition.

If you enjoyed this reading list please share or comment your thoughts below.

Happy reading and don’t forget to save a copy of the X-Men X of Swords checklist!

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DC Who’s Who Omnibus (Vol 1) Release Date? Mon, 07 Sep 2020 14:35:10 +0000 The post DC Who’s Who Omnibus (Vol 1) Release Date? appeared first on


From December 1984 to April 1987 DC Who’s Who was featured in a 26 issue run.

The creative minds behind DC Who’s Who were Len Wein, Marv Wolfman, and Robert Greenberger. Together they created a comprehensive directory of both DC’s hero’s and villain’s alike.

You may be wondering why should I care about a compilation of mid-1980’s DC character backstories now?

I believe there are 4 reasons you should care if you are a DC fan:

  • Whos Who DC comics value history. You will gain insight into how characters were perceived during that time.
  • The 26-issue run happened during the start of Crisis on Infinite Earths. You will get a mix of both Pre-Crisis and Post-crisis versions of Characters. (Superman and Wonder Woman were rebooted so their Silver Age histories will be absent Post-Crisis)
  • DC Comics Whos Who 1985 was their response to Marvel’s character directory Handbook of the Marvel Universe.
  • If you are a completionist and are missing the DC Whos Who Update 87 the omnibus will include the five issues featuring updated characters and an appendix from that era. Also includes Who’s Who Update 88, a four issue run with further updates.

These are just a few of the reasons you would want to consider this omnibus if you are a die-hard DC fan.

The DC Who’s Who omnibus contains much more that what I listed above. In terms of nomenclature each of the 26 issues was categorized by DC as its own volume and the characters were alphabetized.

Here is a breakdown of the 26 volumes:

DC Who’s Who Omnibus (Vol 1) Release Date?

The Who’s Who Omnibus Vol. 1 will be available April 13, 2021!

Its currently available for pre-order right now on Amazon. Be sure to get your copy of the complete DC Who’s Who volumes with extra material in re mastered detail!

The series fans demanded is collected at last! Who’s Who was a series that began in 1985 and ran through the 1990s, cataloguing every character, good or evil, in the DC Universe, from Abel to Zyklon and beyond, with copious detail on powers, origins, and other key facets of each character.



Illustrated by a wide range of top artists from the Golden Age of comics up through the 1980s indie comics scene, Who’s Who was a feast for the eyes as well as being the ultimate guide to the denizens of the DC Universe.


Collects Who’s Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe #1-26 (1985), Who’s Who Update 1987 #1-5 (1987), Who’s Who Update 1988 #1-4 (1988), plus material from Action Comics Annual #2 (1987), Batman Annual #13, Blackhawk Annual #1 (1989), Detective Comics Annual #2 (1988), Dr. Fate Annual #1 (1989), Green Arrow Annual #2, Justice League Annual #3 (1987), Secret Origins Annual #3, Swamp Thing Annual #5, The Flash Annual #3 (1987 series), The New Titans Annual #5 (1995), The Question Annual #2 (1988), and Wonder Woman Annual #2 (1988).

Also, if you are interested in the Who’s Who of comic book blogs, be sure to check out this link to the Feedspot Top 100 Comics Blogs and Websites For Comic Fans in 2020.

In a milestone for ComicsTrove, as a newer comic book blog we have made the top 100 list this year!

If you enjoyed this article please share with others or comment below.

Happy Reading!

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Remembering Chadwick Boseman Sun, 30 Aug 2020 04:26:15 +0000 The post Remembering Chadwick Boseman appeared first on


Sad news today.

Chadwick Boseman, the lead actor of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) Black Panther film who was also featured in recent Avengers movies, has passed away at the age of 43.

Here is the link to Marvel’s official statement expressing condolences to his family, friends, co-workers, and fans.

Remembering Chadwick Boseman

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Ultimate Comics Avengers Omnibus Review Mon, 24 Aug 2020 02:46:16 +0000 Going back to May of 2012 we have the release of Mark Millars’ the Ultimate Comics Avengers Omnibus. This collected edition is noteworthy as it is the final compilation of the last time Mark Millar would write for the Ultimates Comics universe. Ultimate Comics Avengers Omnibus consists of 4 mini-series story arcs each with 6 […]

The post Ultimate Comics Avengers Omnibus Review appeared first on

Going back to May of 2012 we have the release of Mark Millars’ the Ultimate Comics Avengers Omnibus. This collected edition is noteworthy as it is the final compilation of the last time Mark Millar would write for the Ultimates Comics universe.

Ultimate Comics Avengers Omnibus consists of 4 mini-series story arcs each with 6 issues:

  • Next Generation
  • Crime and Punishment
  • Blade versus Avengers
  • Ultimate Avengers versus New Ultimates

Throughout all of the issues and story arcs you will find two overarching themes. Nick Fury’s desire for his job back as the head of SHIELD, and his amoral tactics to make that happen.

In this omnibus you will see a Nick Fury who will go to great lengths in his attempts to dethrone Carol Danvers as the head of SHIELD. Unfortunately, Carol Danvers in this Ultimates Comics collection is not as omnipotent as the Carol Danvers from the recent Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) movies.

Next Generation:

Next Generation, the first story arc in the Ultimate Comics Avengers Omnibus is arguably the best. The issues in this miniseries and the entire omnibus involve the Ultimates Comics Marvel Universe Earth-1610.

As a result Red Skull has a very interesting backstory compared to the mainstream Marvel Universe Earth-616 version of Red Skull that we are all familiar with.

With this Red Skull backstory you will find out the “ties that bind” him to Captain America. The realization of Red Skull’s connections with Cap, is what drives Captain America to go rogue. This event ties-in directly with a begrudgingly subordinate Nick Fury to Carol Danvers forming a black-ops avengers team.

The new black-ops team operating in the shadows is tasked with doing the dirty work the primary Ultimate Avengers are not able to do.

Additionally, you can’t have a good Red Skull series without the fabled Cosmic Cube which also plays a part in this story arc. Finally you will be introduced to Nerd Hulk, with his “limited” backstory, along with Spider Man, and Tony Stark’s twin brother Gregory Stark.

Gregory Stark will play a role throughout the whole of the Ultimate Comics Avengers Omnibus where his amorality will be on full display in contrast with Tony Stark. There are some funny momnets as the two brothers constantly compete to one-up each other.

Crime and Punishment:

The Crime and Punishment issues deal with the recruitment of two of the black-ops primary team members, Punisher and Cash. The Punisher is recruited to lead the Ultimate Comics Avengers, while a Mr. T from the A-Team inspired character named Tyrone Cash, is recruited as Hulk level brute with brains.

This story arc also sees the Ultimate Avengers black-ops team get involved in a conflict between the Ghost Rider and the highest levels of the government. You will see that Mark Millar demonstrates his ability to poke fun at politics and conspiracy theories during this over-the-top run.

Blade versus Avengers:

Blade versus Avengers starts out bad but becomes funner near the end. Given that Blade is involved automatically implies a vampire story. This story arc introduces the Dare Devil character and his teacher who also has connections to Blade.

Mark Millar was definitely letting his creativity run wild during this series as the black-ops Ultimate Avengers face off against an army of vampires. While fighting a vampire clan led by a vampire wearing Iron Man’s prototype armor, Captain America and Nerd Hulk who previously had a falling out get bitten. As a result they both end up getting the vampire virus setting off an unfortunate chain of events.

The remaining Avengers from the black-ops team as well as some of the first string public Avengers will have to contend with a vampire army descending upon New York. Through this battle the resilience of Captain America will put to the ultimate test.

The fallout from this story arc will be felt to the very end of the Ultimate Comics Avengers Omnibus.

Ultimate Avengers versus New Ultimates:

This story arc is the culmination of the previous three. Here you will see the black-ops Ultimate Avengers led by Nick Fury face-off against the public New Ultimates led by Carol Danvers.

As the final story arc, the heroes will find themselves embroiled in a large scale battle due to betrayal and many plot twists such as the death of Spider-Man.

Ultimate Comics Avengers Omnibus by Mark Millar Review

Overall this omnibus collection has an expendables feel that is fun to read. Compared to other omnibus collections, this is a very quick read due to the sparse dialog. You can read the entire omnibus in 2-3 hours.

If you are interested in an over-the-top read of a second string Avengers team with brief appearances of the primary characters, then this omnibus will be great for your collection.

The four story arc’s comprising the Ultimate Comics Avengers Omnibus are evident that Mark Millar closed this chapter of the Ultimates Comics universe while having fun and establishing the foundation for Jonathan Hickman who ended up taking over the series.


Available for immediate shipping on Amazon. Check price:

Ultimate Comics Avengers by Mark Millar Omnibus 

Happy Reading!

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Doomsday Clock Reading Order: The Ultimate Guide Mon, 17 Aug 2020 01:05:46 +0000 The post Doomsday Clock Reading Order: The Ultimate Guide appeared first on


If you are looking for the true sequel to Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ Watchmen, then this ultimate guide to the Doomsday Clock Reading Order is for you!

If you have not yet read what is widely considered the gold standard of the comic book medium, you may be wondering what should I read before Doomsday Clock?

In that case I highly recommend you first start by reading Watchmen. After that, if you still want to dig deeper into the Watchmen story line, I then recommend the prequel Before Watchmen:

Watchmen (Absolute Edition)

Before Watchmen Omnibus

Once you have those prerequisites out of the way I recommend DC Universe: Rebirth #1:

DC Universe: Rebirth Deluxe Edition

DC Universe: Rebirth didn’t just connect the comic book universe of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman with the dystopian world of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ Watchmen — it did so in a way that subtly echoed the 1986 comic book classic.”

Hollywood Reporter

DC Universe: Rebirth #1 is 80 pages and can be purchased as a Deluxe Edition trade or part of the DC Universe Rebirth Omnibus which also contains the #1 rebirth issues for all of the characters.

For more information on why I prefer the omnibus checkout my ultimate guide to the DC Rebirth reading order.

You may be wondering, aren’t Watchmen and DC as separate and isolated as Marvel and DC in terms of different universes and story lines?

That is correct, up until DC Rebirth Watchmen and DC were never part of shared story arc’s.

With DC Rebirth #1 you are beginning to witness the paradigm shift that is taking place between the DC universe and the Watchmen universe.

If you would like the most context in the lead-up towards the Doomsday Clock reading order here are some additional reads from the DC Rebirth event I recommend:

Batman/The Flash: The Button Deluxe Edition

Superman Reborn (Rebirth)

Superman – Action Comics: The Oz Effect Deluxe Edition

Justice League of America Vol. 3: Panic in the Microverse (Rebirth)

These four collected editions encompass the Batman and the Flash crossover, along with Superman: Reborn, Superman – Action Comics: The Oz Effect, and Justice League of America: Panic in the Microverse.

With these tie-in’s on the road to Doomsday Clock, you will learn about the appearance of a mysterious smiley-face in the Batcave and the ensuing investigation by Batman and the Flash.

Additionally, you will start to unravel key Superman and Watchmen connections while reconciling the DC Rebirth and the New 52 continuity.

Finally, you will get to witness how a ragtag group of heroes seeking redemption and organized by Batman, will become embroiled in this cosmic plot. Here you will find out about the original Atom being lost in the Microverse and his encounter with an unknown being bathed in blue light…

Without further ado, the Doomsday Clock reading order collected editions:

Doomsday Clock Part 1

Doomsday Clock Part 2

Doomsday Clock: The Complete Collection

Combines Part 1 and Part 2 (pre-order now – October 13, 2020)

Okay, having prepared by way of Watchmen for Doomsday Clock DC with mysterious
button-wearers and watchmakers, why is the DC Universe being altered?

Essentially, Doomsday Clock can be seen as the final act of the DC Rebirth story line. It seeks to connect all universe changing events into a single continuity.

It goes without saying, very high expectations were set for the Doomsday Clock DC series.

Overall, it is a satisfying story, however there are some flaws throughout. For example, if you decide to read the series you will encounter the reworking of the past history for some characters in order to provide another fresh start.

Depending on how well you follow the DC continuity some of those changes may not jive with you. As a true successor to Watchmen, Doomsday Clock DC forges ahead with predominantly muted tones and 9 panel grid layouts. There is also a lot of bluster and narrative padding, resulting in a lot to read and not a lot to digest.

Doomsday Clock DC is best described as a mix of Watchmen and Crisis on Infinite Earths due to all the moving parts. Also, a significant amount of time is spent on characters who have very little impact on the plot. Mime and Marionette who are an archetype of Harley Quinn and Joker, and the Comedian for example.

High expectations aside, Doomsday Clock is a great, if not essential read, from a Watchmen continuation perspective as well as the evolution of the DC Universe perspective. It strives to combine the seriousness of conflicts with the fanciful nature of the superhero genre. Ultimately, it achieves this by bringing you to the realization that Superman and Dr. Manhattan form the nucleus of the paradigm shift taking place.

There is mystery that for all of Dr. Manhattan’s omnipresence he is not able to see past a certain point. Further clarity on Superman’s home world Krypton to the DC Universe will also be revealed.

Comparing the Doomsday Clock reading order against Watchmen, they are best summarized as Watchmen explores while Doomsday Clock explains.

Doomsday Clock Reading Order: The Ultimate Guide

Using the correct Doomsday Clock reading order you will encounter a series that is based on hope.

It has the scale and tone of Watchmen while giving you concise answers to this new DC Universe paradigm.

For any fan of Watchman or DC prior to this event, this Doomsday Clock reading order is definitely worth your time.

Happy Reading!

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Walt Simonson Thor Omnibus Review Mon, 10 Aug 2020 01:39:05 +0000 The post Walt Simonson Thor Omnibus Review appeared first on


Are you interested in the Walt Simonson Thor reading order? Look no further than the Walt Simonson Thor Omnibus.

Even in the sea of Marvel Epic Collection trades and other omnibuses, nothing quite exudes “epic” as the 48 issues collected in the Walt Simonson Thor Omnibus.

This era of Thor comic books from the 1980’s is considered by many as the absolute peak of Thor comic books. It is an entertaining and humorous read while not as dark as the collected runs of other characters.


COLLECTS: THOR 337-355, 357-369, 371-382; BALDER THE BRAVE 1-4

Readers are treated to a fun Thor run that anybody can use as a starting point into the mythic god of thunder.

The Essence of a good story is to bind the reader with a spell broken only at the story’s conclusion, and perhaps, not even then.

Walt Simonson
The Mighty Thor Omnibus January 2011

How did we get to Walt Simonson Thor?

Marvel Comics Thor was created by Stan Lee back in August 1962 with the release of Journey into Mystery #83.

Introducing… the Mighty Thor! The most exciting Super Hero of all time! When the Stone-Men from Saturn invade Earth, only Dr. Donald Blake can stop them — but he stands no chance, not until he strikes a wooden stick on the ground and finds himself transformed into Thor, God of Thunder! Watch as Thor learns how to wield his hammer in battle! Only this new hero can save the Earth from being conquered!

With that first appearance release in 1962 Thor was not the 24/7 god of thunder we all know from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) movies and comics books today.

Instead, Thor shared a body with a partially disabled medical student named Donald Blake, who was able to change into Thor when wielding the magical hammer Mjolnir.

Mjolnir was hidden in the form of a staff used by the mortal Donald Blake by tapping the hammer on the ground in order to be transformed into Thor.

During this era if Thor was separated from Mjolnir for more than 60 seconds he would revert back to the fragile form of Donald Blake.

Within the Marvel Universe Thor and his mortal alter ego Donald Blake were to remain canon until November 1983.

This is the release date for Thor #337.

Nick Fury asks Thor’s aid in investigating an alien ship heading for Earth. Thor arrives and triggers the awakening of an alien protector, Beta Ray Bill. But when Bill bests Thor and takes up his hammer, he is summoned to Asgard by Odin!

You guessed it, the beginning of the Walt Simonson Thor Omnibus issues.

As Thor #337 kick-started the epic odyssey of the Walt Simonson Thor Omnibus run it was immediately apparent things were about to change.

From the Walt Simonson art to the Walt Simonson Ragnarok event, Thor is aptly portrayed as the embodiment of mythic heroism.

Of course, all of the great qualities from these Walt Simonson Thor Omnibus issues would not be possible without the help of Penciller and Inker Sal Buscema.

Together, Walt Simonson and Sal Buscema draw you in as a reader to Thor’s charisma, charm, and wit.

You may have read this series as a youth and are looking to take a trip down memory lane, or are attempting to read for the first time. Either way, Simonson’s wordy captions and stimulating dialog along with Buscema’s distinctly 80’s, yet timeless artwork help you to care about the character while Thor is tested physically, mentally, and spiritually.

In these 48 issues you will find Thor transitioning from earthly based stories such as saving families on New York streets, to grandiose cosmic events where he is saving the universe.

Throughout the issues in the Walt Simonson Thor Omnibus you will also encounter just as exciting story arc’s for many of the side characters as well.

  • Lady Sif and The Warriors Three
  • The villan Scourge
  • Balder The Brave

If you are a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe many of these side characters and events portrayed in the movies were inspired from this Walt Simonson Thor era.

From start to finish this collected run does not disappoint. You will learn about Beta Ray Bill, a hero who proves that looks don’t represent ones heart.

Additionally, you will find out why Hela turns out to be one of Thor’s greatest threats. Also Loki joins with Thor and Odin to fight Surter who is leads an army of demons while armed with a magical blade.

Finally, dare I say “Frog of Thunder”..

Considered by many to be the greatest run on Thor ever, Walt Simonson’s classic tales of the God of Thunder are collected here – completely remastered from the original artwork and newly colored by Steve Oliff ! And there are too many timeless tales to count: The Casket of Ancient Winters! The death of Odin! The origins of Asgard! The sacrifice of the Executioner! Thor as a frog! The Mutant Massacre! The curse of Hela! The debut of Thor’s body armor! Guest-starring Beta Ray Bill, Nick Fury and the Avengers! Featuring the threats of Fafnir the dragon, Loki, Lorelei, Malekith the Dark Elf, Surtur, Hela, the Titanium Man, Kurse, Zaniac, the Marauders, the Absorbing Man, Fin Fang Foom, the Destroyer and the Midgard Serpent!

Conclusion: Walt Simonson Thor Omnibus Review

Verdict: You guessed it, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this legendary era of comic book history.

Needless to say, if you are a fan of Marvel Comics Thor, then the Walt Simonson Thor Omnibus is something you should have.

This Omnibus is one of the largest at 1192 pages and weighs over 5 pounds!

It serves up the Walt Simonson Thor reading order on a silver platter (figuratively) so you can jump in and read one of the most outlandish, stunning, and tragic runs of The Mighty Thor ever written.

Happy Reading.

If you enjoyed this article, please share with others or comment below!

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DC Rebirth Reading Order: The Ultimate Guide Mon, 03 Aug 2020 02:12:06 +0000 The post DC Rebirth Reading Order: The Ultimate Guide appeared first on


The DC Rebirth event of 2016 has been out for some time now. What does that mean for you? Nothing less than access to the entire compilation of DC Universe Rebirth deluxe editions and trades! Enjoy our DC Rebirth Reading Order so you can catch up on this modern age reboot.

Before you get to the DC Rebirth Reading Order its worth mentioning the lineage leading up to DC Rebirth.

How and why did the DC Rebirth event happen?


















In the beginning (circa 1938) there was the pre-Crisis era lasting into the 1980’s. Essentially, DC Universe pre-Crisis spans 3 of 4 important ages of comic book history.

  • Golden Age (1938-1956)
  • Silver Age (1956-1970)
  • Bronze Age (1970-1985)

The pre-Crisis era was dominated by the overarching theme of parallel universes.

During the mid-80’s and the transition from the Bronze Age of comics to the Modern Age of comics (1985-Present) DC Universe commenced its first reboot.

Thus began Crisis on Infinite Earths and the post-Crisis era.

The Crisis on Infinite Earths reboot cleaned up many characters back-story’s.

Most notably in the post-Crisis era was the elimination of parallel universes which dominated in the Pre-Crisis era.

In 2011 along came The New 52 reboot…

Long story short.

It wiped out the previous era’s post-Crisis continuity, in the name of giving new readers a fresh starting point into the DC Universe.

Unfortunately, the disregard for continuity alienated many existing DC Universe fans who ended up “taking a break” from the DC Universe.

That’s where DC Rebirth comes in. It can be seen as a proverbial Calvary charge intended to break the stalemate and win back old readers while encouraging a new generation of readers as well.

DC Rebirth is an amalgamation of the New 52 and the post-Crisis eras.

What sets the DC Rebirth reading order apart from other reboots is that DC Universe characters are introduced uniquely. This is a contrast from other reboots involving larger scale miniseries events.

Concerning the DC Rebirth reading order.

There are two main approaches you can take.

  • Chronological order
  • Character order

The chronological DC Rebirth reading order will take you individual floppy by individual floppy through the order of release by date, agnostic of the character.

On the other hand, the DC Rebirth reading order by character will give you the freedom to choose any character you prefer and read the entire collected run.

Using this DC Rebirth reading order, each character simply starts with it’s own unique rebirth issue and then begins at volume 1, issue 1.

This approach is the ComicsTrove preferred DC Rebirth reading order as it allows you to enjoy complete runs character by character based off of your preference.

In all, there are now over 75 trades and deluxe editions covering most of the rebirth events.

With so many options to choose from you may be experiencing analysis paralysis and wondering where to start?

For that reason I highly recommend the DC Rebirth Omnibus Expanded Edition.

Not only is it a great hardback collectors tome for DC fans. It gives you each characters DC Rebirth #1 issue from their 1st volume!

The clock has turned and time is missing, yet even the heroes of the DC Universe don’t realize that something is wrong. It takes the return of Wally West, the original Kid Flash, to alert the heroes that something is not right with the world. Who is behind this missing time? What are the ramifications of this discovery?

DC Universe Rebirth Omnibus Expanded Edition


Here are the deluxe editions and trades of the alphabetized DC Rebirth reading order!

All-Star Batman
Volume 1: My Own Worst Enemy

All-Star Batman
Volume 2: Ends of the Earth

All-Star Batman
Volume 3: The First Ally

Volume 1: The Drowning

Volume 2: Black Manta Rising

Volume 3: Crown of Atlantis

Volume 1: Beyond Burnside

Batgirl and the Birds of Prey
Volume 1: Who is Oracle

Batgirl and the Birds of Prey
Volume 2: Source Code

Batman Rebirth Deluxe Edition Book 1

Batman Rebirth Deluxe Edition Book 2

Batman Rebirth Deluxe Edition Book 3

Batman: Night of the Monster Men

Batman Detective Comics
Rebirth Deluxe Edition Book 1

Batman Detective Comics
Rebirth Deluxe Edition Book 2

Batman Detective Comics
Rebirth Deluxe Edition Book 3

Batman Beyond
Volume 1: Escaping the Grave

Blue Beetle
Volume 1: The More Things Change

Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye
Volume 1: Going Underground

Volume 1: The Imitation of Life

Volume 2: Danger in Detroit

Deadman: Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love

Death of Hawkman

Volume 1: The Professional

Volume 2: The Gospel of Slade

Deathstroke Vol. 3: Twilight

Gotham Academy – Second Semester
Volume 1: Welcome Back

Green Arrow
The Rebirth Deluxe Edition Book 1

Green Arrow
Volume 3: Emerald Outlaw

Green Arrow
Volume 4: The Rise of Star City

Green Arrow
Volume 5: Hard Travelin’ Hero

Green Lanterns
Volume 1: Rage Planet
Green Lanterns
Volume 2: Red Dawn
Green Lanterns
Volume 3: Rebirth

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps
Volume 1: Sinestro’s Law
Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps
Volume 2: Bottled Light
Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps
Volume 3: Quest for Hope

Harley Quinn
Volume 1: Die Laughing
Harley Quinn
Volume 2: Joker Loves Harley
Harley Quinn
Volume 3: Red Meat

Volume 1: The Poison Truth

Justice League
Volume 1: The Extinction Machines
Justice League
Volume 2: Outbreak
Justice League
Volume 3: Timeless

Justice League of America
Volume 1: The Extremists

Justice League vs. Suicide Squad

Midnighter and Apollo

Mother Panic
Volume 1: Work in Progress

New Super-Man
Volume 1: Made in China
New Super-Man
Volume 2: Coming to America

Volume 2: Back to Blüdhaven
Volume 2: Better Than Batman

Red Hood & the Outlaws
Volume 1: Dark Trinity

Shade the Changing Girl
Volume 1: Earth Girl Made Easy

SixPack and Dogwelder: Hard Travelin’ Heroz

Suicide Squad
Volume 1: The Black Vault

Super Sons
Volume 1: When I Grow Up

Volume 1: Reign of the Cyber Supermen
Volume 2: Escape from the Phantom Zone

Volume 1: Son of Superman
Volume 2: Trial of the Super Sons
Volume 3: Multiplicity

Superman Action Comics
Volume 1: Path of Doom Superman Action Comics
Volume 2: Welcome to the Planet Superman Action Comics
Volume 3: Men of Steel
Superman Action Comics
Volume 4: The New World

Volume 1: Who Killed Superwoman

Teen Titans
Volume 1: Damian Knows Best

The Flash
Volume 1: Lightning Strikes Twice
The Flash
Volume 2: Speed of Darkness
The Flash
Volume 3: Rogues Reloaded
The Flash
Volume 4: Running Scared

Volume 1: The Return of Wally West
Volume 2: Made in Manhattan

Volume 1: Better Together
Volume 2: Dead Space

Wonder Woman
Rebirth Deluxe Book 1

Wonder Woman
Rebirth Deluxe Book 2

Wonder Woman
Rebirth Deluxe Book 3

When available, I’ve listed the larger deluxe edition runs.

Unlike paperback trades, they are usually the equivalent of two trade volumes combined into one. They also come in a high quality hardback cover, hence deluxe.

Unless you are getting the Kindle & comiXology edition. Which happens to be digital, of course.

DC Rebirth Reading Order: The Ultimate Guide

Leading up to DC Rebirth, you have read a brief history of the events spanning the Golden, Sliver, Bronze, and Modern age of comics.

I’ve compiled the primary trades and deluxe editions available comprising majority of DC Rebirth.

I highly recommend the DC Rebirth Omnibus Expanded Edition if you are an avid DC comic book fan. DC Rebirth Omnibus is also a great preview into the 1st DC Rebirth issues for all the characters.

This way you can have an idea where you would like to devote your time and hard earned money on future trades and deluxe purchases.

Keep and eye out for an upcoming Doomsday clock reading order and the DC New 52 reading order.

Happy reading!

If you enjoyed this article please share with others or comment below. Thank you!

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17 Best Selling Marvel Funko Pop List Mon, 27 Jul 2020 02:18:23 +0000 Latest Posts:

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Looking for some of the top selling Marvel Funko Pop exclusives such as Marvel Funko Pop 80th?

Here is the 17 best selling Marvel Funko Pop list of your favorite Marvel characters on Amazon!


Funko Pop! Marvel: 80th – Beast


Funko Pop! Marvel: Holiday – Groot with Wreath, Multicolor


Funko Pop Marvel: Holiday – Deadpool with Candy Canes Collectible Figure, Multicolor


Funko Pop! Deluxe, Marvel: Avengers Assemble Series – Hulk, Amazon Exclusive, Figure 2 of 6


Funko Pop! Marvel: Holiday – Thanos in Ugly Sweater, Multicolor


Funko Pop! Marvel: Holiday – Rocket Raccoon On Sled


Funko Pop! Marvel: Fantastic Four – Galactus, Multicolor


Funko Pop! Deluxe, Marvel: Avengers Assemble Series – Hawkeye, Amazon Exclusive, Figure 3 of 6, Multicolor


Funko Pop! Marvel: Fantastic Four – Silver Surfer


Funko Pop! Marvel: 80th – Angel


Funko Pop! Marvel: 80th – Marvel Girl


Click image to open expanded view

Funko – 168 – Pop – Marvel – Captain America 3 – Winter Soldier No Arm – Limited Edition


Funko POP! Marvel: Black Panther Movie – Black Panther (Styles May Vary) Collectible Figure


Funko POP! Marvel: Avengers Infinity War – Thanos


Funko POP! Marvel: Avengers Infinity War – Captain America


Funko POP! Marvel: Deadpool Playtime- Bob Ross


Funko Pop! Marvel: Avengers Endgame – Captain America with Broken Shield & Mjoinir,Multicolor,3.75 inches

17 Best Selling Marvel Funko Pop List

Be sure to keep checking back for an upcoming DC Funko Pop list and an Iron Man Funko Pop list!

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7 Best DC Absolute Editions 2020 Wed, 22 Jul 2020 03:33:59 +0000 The post 7 Best DC Absolute Editions 2020 appeared first on


The 7 best DC Absolute Editions 2020 available for immediate purchase or pre-order on Amazon.

2020 may end up being considered a lost year for many of us due to disruptions in our everyday lives as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you are spending more time indoors, there has never been a better time to catch up on your favorite DC comic book runs!

The 7 DC Absolute editions below are high quality hardbacks in remastered detail on archival grade paper.

These tomes of DC comic book greatness are meant to last. DC Absolute Editions are similar to DC omnibus editions.

The main difference is that they are printed on a larger format paper and come inside of a unique slip-case cover.

Check out the 7 best DC Absolute Editions released in 2020 below!


Absolute Transmetropolitan Vol. 1 (New Printing) 

December 8, 2020

by Warren Ellis (Author), Darick Robertson (Illustrator)


Absolute Swamp Thing by Alan Moore Vol. 2

Hardcover – October 27, 2020

by Alan Moore  (Author)


Absolute Swamp Thing by Alan Moore Vol. 1

Hardcover – October 13, 2020

by Alan Moore  (Author), Stephen R. Bissette (Illustrator)


Absolute The Dark Knight (New Printing)

Hardcover – September 8, 2020

by Frank Miller  (Author)


Absolute Fourth World by Jack Kirby Vol. 1

Hardcover – June 30, 2020

by Jack Kirby  (Author, Illustrator)


Absolute Daytripper 

Hardcover – April 21, 2020

by Gabriel Ba (Author), Fabio Moon (Illustrator)


Absolute Death

Hardcover – January 7, 2020

by Neil Gaiman  (Author), Chris Bachalo (Illustrator)

So there you have it.

The 7 best DC Absolute Editions 2020. Whether looking to buy for yourself or as a gift, DC Absolute Editions are hard to beat.

Remember, DC Absolute editions have advantages over DC Omnibus.

  • Archival quality
  • Larger pages
  • Unique slip-case covers

With that being said keep an eye out for a post later this year!

A massive DC Omnibus with over 1,300 pages will be released in early 2021.

This beast of an Omnibus will collect the “Who’s Who” series

As soon as I know the release date I’ll pass it along to you. The “Who’s Who” series spans the mid 80’s through the 90’s.

It describes ALL DC Universe characters such as those from your favorite Absolute Watchmen.

Happy Reading!

If you enjoyed this article please share with others or drop a comment below.

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