This week marks the arrival of the highly anticipated Marvel X-Men X of Swords crossover event! Below you will find the X of Swords reading order and links where you can mail order all the issues from my recommended affiliates.

In case you are brand new to the X-Men franchise or have just been absent from it for many years, there is some essential reading I recommend prior to starting the path to X of Swords reading order.

X of Swords Essential Reading (Part I):

  • House of X & Powers of X


House of X & Powers of X are two highly rated runs created by Jonathan Hickman and have set the new foundation for Marvel and the X-Men.

Having concluded in 2019 and spanning 6 issues respectively, all 12 issues are now collected in hardcover, paperback, and digital comiXology formats.

After getting up to speed with House of X and Powers of X there are additional separate issues I would consider essential before embarking on the path to X of Swords.

X of Swords Essential Reading (Part II):

  • X-Men #2


  • Excalibur #9


Collectively, these two issues (X-Men #2 & Excalibur #9) further the canon established in House of X and Powers of X. For example you will learn more of the backstory surrounding the other mutant island Arakko and witness the true starting point in the build-up towards X of Swords.

This is intended to get you up to speed quickly in order to fully enjoy the X of Swords Marvel crossover event. For example, you can dig even deeper into the storylines by delving into the Dawn of X reading order issues.

Throughout the Marvel Universe one thing is certain. There is a massive black energy heading towards earth and X of Swords Creation will be the unveiling of it.

As the story progresses it should provide more details on the re-imagined character Apocalypse and the realms of Excalibur.

The event will be broken up over three months starting the week of September 14th!

The X-Men X of Swords reading order will arrive in the following waves:


  • Excalibur #12 XoS
  • X-Men #12 EMP XOS
  • X of Swords Creation #1 XoS
  • X-factor #4 Xos


  • Wolverine #6 Xos
  • X-force #13 Xos
  • Marauders #13 Xos
  • Hellions #5 Xos
  • New Mutants #13 Xos
  • Cable #5 Xos
  • Excalibur #13 Xos
  • X-Men #13 Xos
  • X of Swords Stasis #1


  • X-Men #14 Xos
  • Marauders #14 Xos
  • Marauders #15 Xos
  • Excalibur #14 Xos
  • Wolverine #7 Xos
  • X-force #14 Xos
  • Hellions #6 Xos
  • Cable #6 Xos
  • Excalibur #15 Xos
  • X-Men #15 Xos
  • X of Swords Destruction #1

X of Swords Reading Order:


1 (Prelude)

2 (Prelude)























At 24 issues this is no doubt a lengthly crossover event. Cost-wise if you are going to purchase each individual floppy as they are released, plan to spend a little more than a $100 over the next three months.

If you can hold out until the end of the November then a very nice hardcover edition of X of Swords will be available for $60 with free shipping on Amazon on Tuesday November, 24th.


I will be reviewing each individual floppy starting later this month as I receive them from my affiliate Things From Another World. Keep an eye out for my ongoing X of Swords reviews and watch out for spoilers if you are waiting on the collected edition.

If you enjoyed this reading list please share or comment your thoughts below.

Happy reading and don’t forget to save a copy of the X-Men X of Swords checklist!

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